Today's Date: Saturday April 18, 2015
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    “Congratulations on your informative, easy-to-navigate site. I found it in seconds through a Google search. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, have an older sister living in Victoria and am extremely grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained through your site. Thank you again for the great work you are doing.”

    - D.H., family caregiver, long-distance caregiver

Male Caregivers

Male Caregiver Community – Because Men Care Too

MCC  is the only digital caregiving tool geared specifically towards male caregivers. If you are struggling with your responsibilities or don’t know how to approach a certain caregiving issue — just ask. There are male caregivers here who have been in your situation and they have the answer.


This site includes an interactive discussion forum, articles and other resources for male caregivers


Books in FCNS Library:

Breast Cancer Husband: How to Help Your Wife (and yourself) Through Diagnosis, Treatment and Beyond by Marc Silver,