Today's Date: Friday April 17, 2015
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    “Congratulations on your informative, easy-to-navigate site. I found it in seconds through a Google search. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, have an older sister living in Victoria and am extremely grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained through your site. Thank you again for the great work you are doing.”

    - D.H., family caregiver, long-distance caregiver

Informational Handouts and Articles

The FCNS resource library includes many information handouts and articles on topics of interest to family caregivers. Links to these documents are below or you can contact the office and we will be happy to email or mail them to you.

Click for a current list of the handouts and articles that are available.



Caregiver Support

Caregiving at Home

Communication Skills

Dementia Care

Employed Caregivers

Facility Care

Family Caregivers’ Network Society Information

Grief and Loss


Healthcare System

Legal Considerations – Power of Attorney

Legal Considerations – Representation Agreements

Legal Considerations – Wills

Legal Considerations – Other

Coming Soon: Adult Guardianship, Advance Directives,  Preventing Abuse

Long-Distance Caregivers



Spousal Caregiving



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