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    “I took several of your very affordable workshops during the years that I was the primary caregiver for my mother and learned a great deal. I am a big advocate of your organization and have been able to pass your website link along to people from my office. Thanks again.”

    - past family caregiver

Balancing Work and Caregiving

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Balancing Family Caregiving and Employment , Senior Living Magazine 2008

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Tips for Working Caregivers , 2007,

Compassionate Care Benefits
Employment Insurance Compassionate Care benefits are available to employed family members caring for a gravely ill relative at risk of dying within 26 weeks. These benefits are offered through Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC).
The benefits consist of six weeks total compensation – that means, six weeks per ill person, not six weeks per family member. Your employer cannot fire you because you need time off to take the six weeks plus the two weeks unpaid waiting period.  For more information visit the HRSDC website at: