Today's Date: Saturday April 18, 2015
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    - David V., Social Worker and Chaplain

Family Caregivers’ Network Video Series

Thanks to the hard work and creativity of our board President, Rick Hoogendoorn, we are thrilled to announce the launch of a series of 60+ short videos on family caregiving available on .

This series has been designed for the busy, and stressed or overwhelmed family caregiver. Each video is only 1-3 minutes in length, making it easier for you to view them when you have only a small amount of time. We hope you’ll not only find these videos educational and inspiring, but that they’ll also act as a catalyst for you to seek additional support when you need it. Visit to view these videos.

Thank you to Rick Hoogendoorn for putting together all these wonderful videos and to all the family caregivers who participated in them and were willing to share their stories in order to help other family caregivers.