Today's Date: Monday April 20, 2015
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    “Thank you for all you do to support family caregivers in our community. We are so lucky to have you.”

    - Pat Gibbs, social worker, VIHA

Volunteering with FCNS

Volunteers Help Us Support Those Who Care for Others

Why volunteer at FCNS?

There are so many great reasons to volunteer at FCNS – here are just a few:

  • Support those who care for a family member or friend who is in poor health, elderly or has a disability
  • Make a positive difference in someone’s life
  • Learn new skills
  • Share your time, skills and energy
  • Support a cause you believe in
  • Experience personal growth, learning and satisfaction
  • Pursue professional growth and development
  • Create employment skills
  • Expand your professional network
  • Enjoy social interaction / meet new people
  • Be a part of positive change in their community
  • Have fun
  • Build personal empowerment and self-esteem
  • Instill a value of giving and caring
  • Complete education or work experience requirements

How are your volunteer efforts at FCNS recognized?

The Family Caregivers’ Network Society values the contributions of volunteer to the society and understands the importance of recognizing those contributions.

Staff of the Family Caregivers’ Network Society will acknowledge and thank volunteers in informal ways on a regular basis during the volunteers work for the society.  Each year, National Volunteer Week provides an additional opportunity to recognize volunteers and to be part of a national celebration of their work.  The Family Caregivers’ Network Society will hold a group recognition event to which Board, staff and volunteers will be invited to attend and celebrate the work of the society’s volunteers. This event will be held separately from the AGM, emphasizing that this is an event devoted to volunteers.  As part of recognizing the efforts of volunteers, information about how the volunteers contributed to the success of the society will be presented, for example, number of volunteer hours, tasks carried out by volunteers, etc.

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