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    “Congratulations on your informative, easy-to-navigate site. I found it in seconds through a Google search. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, have an older sister living in Victoria and am extremely grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained through your site. Thank you again for the great work you are doing.”

    - D.H., family caregiver, long-distance caregiver

Setting-Up a Family Caregiver Support Group

This free webinar would be beneficial for anyone interested in starting-up a Family Caregiver Support Group in their own community within British Columbia.

Setting-up a Family Caregiver Support Group in Your Community

In this webinar we will explore and discuss:

  • the benefits, goals and expectations of a family caregiver support group
  • establishing the focus of the group and group guidelines
  • important details to consider – location, schedule, drop-in or closed group, facilitator
  • how to advertise your support group and recruit participants

Facilitated by: Barb Small, Program Development Coordinator, Family Caregivers’ Network

Webinar recording :

Webinar handout :


“A Guide for Supporting Caregiving Families: Nourishing Strengths and Opening Hearts” (2009) by Ranjana Basu, Cowichan Family Caregivers Support Society.