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    “Congratulations on your informative, easy-to-navigate site. I found it in seconds through a Google search. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, have an older sister living in Victoria and am extremely grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained through your site. Thank you again for the great work you are doing.”

    - D.H., family caregiver, long-distance caregiver

Information for Employers

  • Over 2.8 million Canadians currently provide care and support for an adult family member or friend.
  • 70% of the 60,000+ family caregivers in the CRD are trying to balance the demands of caregiving and employment.

The increasing pressures on these employees can directly impact the workplace through: higher absenteeism rates and lateness, lower productivity, employees forgoing additional training and promotion, higher rates of employee turnover due to job termination and early retirement. Employers today realize that having a flexible workplace is a critical component in recruitment and retention of good employees. Below are some articles that will provide employers and human resource professionals with valuable information for supporting family caregivers in their workplace.

Toolkit for Employers: Resources for Supporting Family Caregivers in the Workplace by Family Caregivers” Network, 2013

A Silent Crisis: Working Caregivers Are Begging for Help ( Download the PDF )
by Gema Hernandez, Today’s Caregiver,

A Systematic Review of the Literature on Combining Work and Eldercare in Canada ( Download the PDF )
Lero and Joseph, University of Guelph and Homewood, September, 2007

Corporate Eldercare Programs, Their Impact, Effectiveness and Implications for Employers ( Download the PDF )
National Alliance for Caregiving and Center for Productive Aging, Towson University, LifeCare Inc., 2008

Creating a Family Friendly Workplace ( Download the PDF )
Human Resources and Social Development Canada,

Elder Care: A Responsibility That Requires a Collaborative Effort ( Download the PDF )
by Karen Rose, World at Work Journal, Second Quarter 2006,

Informal Caregivers in Canada: A Snapshot ( Download the PDF )
by Fast and Keating, University of Alberta, Health Canada, 2001

The Business Case for Work-Life Balance ( Download the PDF )
Human Resources and Social Development Canada,

The Employer’s Costs of a Working Caregiver ( Download the PDF )

The MetLife Caregiving Cost Study: Productivity Losses to U.S. Business , MetLife Mature Market Institute ( Download the PDF )

‘We are taking Gran to the hospital’: Elder care unpredictable, exhausting ( Download the PDF )
by Nora Spinks, Canadian HR Reporter, 2002