Today's Date: Sunday May 10, 2015
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    “I want to tell you, your agency has one of the best newsletters around!!! Great layout and excellent articles. Keep up the good work. You should all be proud of your good work.”

    - I. D., family caregiver

New FREE Webinars for Caregivers – Spring 2015

FREE webinars for family and friend caregivers available this Spring 2015 and during Family Caregiver Week in BC – May 4 – 10, 2015 .

Spring 2015

Guilt and Frustration: How Changing Your Expectations Leads to Emotional Wellness – April 8

Care Planning 101: A Webinar for Family Caregivers – April 14

Letting Go: A Valuable Lesson for Family Caregivers – May 27

Respite: Who Benefits? – June 15

Family Caregiver Week in BC 2015

What Don’t I Know That I Need to Know? Effective Decision Making in Caregiving – May 5

Creating an Unhealthy Environment for Caregiver Burnout – May 7